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Winter collection in memory of Hadba

This is a shot from my newest collection. Most of the pieces have a lattice in it or large sections are cut out creating interesting patterns. The lattice in the clothes are actually supposed to be spider-webs and the model is the spider. I read about spiders and how essentially, they create their own worlds, and are masters of their world – the web. I thought that was a really great idea: each person mastering their own web/world. So the spider thing is not really a dark idea, more one of creative energy and empowerment. Please take a look at the rest of my collection.

I would like to post this collection in memory of Hadba who was always my top supporter in my endeavor to becoming a fashion designer. I think she would be proud at my choice of following my instinct and not the crowd.

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Black & White Spring & Summer

slicedbackMy new collection for spring/summer 2010 is out. I am really excited about it, it is my favourite collection so far because I managed I think to make it serious this time – serious in the sense of being able to wear it on a daily basis, but still really creative. It’s a challenge to make the two work together sometimes, functional and imaginative. But it worked. Using only two colours, black and white, really helped me achieve this (my personal challenge for my next collection is to do the same thing but to use a wider colour pallet… exciting to see where this might go).
This morning I received an email from fashion156.com, they selected 20 of their favourite pieces in black and white for next season – I think my collection definitely holds its own amongst their top picks. Check it out for yourself, maybe you’ll agree.

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